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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair El Paso, TX

Most of us devote little or no attention towards maintaining and servicing our garage door until it stops functioning all of a sudden. It is worth mentioning that a typical garage door consists of various parts. Repairing and maintaining these parts is not a layman's cup of tea and requires application of specific subject-matter knowledge. Moreover mishandling a bulky and extremely heavy garage door part like garage door spring can result in the door coming down thus causing garage door accidents. As a matter of fact malfunctioning garage door springs is one of the major causes of garage door accidents in the US and other countries. Many homeowners by-pass safety standards and chose to perform a DIY to avoid incurring high garage door springs cost and other expenses pertaining to repairs and maintenance. This is a recipe for disaster and can cause irreversible damage to property and life. It is therefore advised that customers seek the help of a garage door professional when facing such garage door spring repair or other problems. If you're in El Paso and are in need of such services, we at Garage Door Spring Repair El Paso, TX can prove to be of help. We are a professional garage door service provider and have been offering reliable garage door spring repair, garage door extension spring replacement, garage door torsion spring replacement and other repair and maintenance services pertaining to garage door springs. We also service and repair other garage door parts like openers, rollers, frames to name a few. Our experts are adept at providing a range of garage door spring repair services and will provide a swift and effective solution to your garage door issues at affordable costs. You therefore do not have to stress on incurring high garage door springs cost and other expenses while availing our services.

Fluctuations in the temperature, poorly installed spring, lack of maintenance and wear and tear are some the reasons that result in the springs wearing out. A malfunctioning or broken spring should be treated as a red flag and is an indication that disaster is just around the corner unless you avail experts garage door spring replacement services to get the part replaced. At Garage Door Repair El Paso, we provide you with professional spring repair services that will ensure your safety and security.

Knowing Your Springs

Torsion and extension springs are the two different types of springs that are used in the garage door. While the garage door torsion spring is attached just above the closed garage door, garage door extension springs are placed on the sides of the upper tracks.

The springs are wound tightly to create tension and lift the door. This is the reason why the springs snap with great force and if a broken part can serve as an open invitation to serious accidents. If you don't have the right skill and tools to repair the same it is advised that you leave the task to us.

Why and when Do You Need Professional Help?

If the door springs are completely broken and operating the door still causes tension on the parts thus resulting in the springs emitting unpleasant noises even after the door is lubricated, then it is time to call a professional. A garage door can weigh more than 500 pounds and the springs perform the vital function of lifting the entire weight of the door. A wrong step can cause the spring to snap subsequently leading to accidents. Calling a garage door professional is a wise decision because:

They are equipped with the right tools to ensure that they measure and install a spring of the appropriate size

The right tools enable them to install the springs efficiently while maintaining the right tension

Our experts will ensure that the door is well-balanced and is not misaligned.

Homeowners in need of garage door spring repair can give us a call during any time of the day or night and our professionals will be at their location within an hour. We also stock and deal in different garage door torsion springs, garage door extension springs brands and other parts.

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I was definitely amazed by you guys for being an honest and amazing team. You provided a superior service at a reasonable price. I would like to recommend your company to everyone.


- James Smith

"Thank you" for speedy and incomparable service that you guys provided at very affordable price. You people did a great job to solve my huge problem. My Garage Door has never run so smoothly.


- Anderson Clark

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